#queerterror (Extended)

by Worshiprr

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ogoth1 I love this album. The dark abrasive hip hop electro and the hard driving lyricism really make an impression. It's radical and unflinching. Just amazing.
The second half of Summation/Fluster has some lines that are like a spear to my little trans heart. Favorite track: Summation / Fluster.
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released April 16, 2017

Kadence Arelle Mercy: Main Vox, Production, Concept, Artistic Direction, Performance
My Invisible Friend Bob: Production, Performance, Artistic Direction
Sophia Louize Pakkozicki: Photography, Performance and Artistic Direction

Recorded by: Sendai Mike @ sendaimikebeats@gmail.com
Mixed by Kadence Arelle Mercy
Mastered by LANDR

Backup Vox on OVERDOSE by Michete
Additional Vox on Form and Fluster by Dylan Kloch

Big Thanks To:
Alchemy Union
Sendai Mike
Golden Master
Dylan Kloch
All my lovely friends and loves




Worshiprr Seattle, Washington

I am a force of nature.
I am queer and divine.
I will be torn apart by the void and spat out the other side only to do it again.
And I will fucking eat you.

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Track Name: Form / Idle At The Red Light

verse 1
(which one is the real you?)
neither fragments
nor planets or nothing where the money in the mask slips
exploiting me with a chemical accident

beauty is a beast with no sense of its own requirements
I'll never fall asleep but My jaw has finally stopped grinding

the perception is so perilous
window in my whereabouts
afraid of my ability
terrorizing my failure

disembodied voices that I'll never respond to
static in the radio
burning up in a car

bodies on the staircase
a type of sacrament offering
gore puzzle locking
scared of my sense of mockery

stock in life plummets
but I won't buy it a casket
a picture of me forms
covered in skin and laughing

no matter if we crush our fingers
clasped in a hold
we still trip in puddles of glass
and Ash all we know

(what do you believe in?)

something about our love
requires a blood masterpiece
yet Everything I am
seems nothing of what I had to be

she can carry wounded
and I'll stick to the harmful
we both leave our marks
but I'm wary of sharkskin

feel my tunnel light death beams
furthering the facade
the ID behind the due process

cleanliness to godliness
Goddexx doesn't know cleanliness
chaos in this dream
so I might leave some remnants

of teeth in your palms
perfect for this occasion
catch me caring for gluttony
subsisting on starvation

seeds in my arrogance
pupils wide and defiant
whether I am the room
or the body smashed in the sides

I contemplate paradoxes
ferrying romance
to death as a slow craze

she feels her reach stumble in me
grasping for my sense
but never have known pain

you can keep pushing daisies
none of them are buttons
but I am your cocaine

I have left here willingly
no matter your objections
the fuck of it all raised

reach into the voidlust
fingers out nails clipped
dirt speaks
ribs open
deep into the fetishism

pulse is a deer Hunter
bred in the dead of winter
I kiss your fanaticism
fuck you into submission

you moan and writhe nasty
then kick me off of your body
I fall to my death in the streets
of the cross walking

verse 2

(are you a boy or a girl?)
I'm the 4x4 room
centerfold she lies nude
she picks brightly colored branches
and a half blood moon
fear is snails in a sandbox
scars and a broken handle
her body is a shift
and revolt of the numb and narrow
spit bile nauseous
fantasies of being pregnant
birth as a delivery
malnourished by a placenta
bite over umbilical
shape of an empty snake
extends to the infinite
blood on the screaming infant
color flashed crib
elastic flesh over ribs
expands in the vision
the acid just thrown in
I've sat beneath disfigured
body light brass ornaments
god's mirrors come alive
when my best begats hornets
swallow melting curvature
pray onto the surface
meal worms in my mandy
exploding beside curtains

Everything I wanted is dead and the bone charcoal
my center is with peace So I burst with such violence

she is working thru my veins
of salt and my will iron
even Harmony has a day
when the kloch must be rewinded

Idle At The Red light

I want to pour loneliness on you
syrup like thick from a lifetime in basements
the towers transmute us
I used to see limelights
and bent figure eights but

you are so beautiful broken
digesting the lifetime that I kept in secrets
rinds on the sand where we walk
reminders that I am the half
that dissolves on your beaches

every word that I lift
breaking its wings
to your ears in the current
stumbling fear in the houses abandoned
but yet you still enter to kiss all the furniture

somebody's dead and the system
that they left behind is creating
this self hate
just know that I can be healed
if you merge with my broken heart
guide me to safety

growing in maws that have eaten
every dead whale was once a great feeder
I am the parasite fate wasn't bleeding
catch me like fungus in mouths of the preachers

our rooms in the insect breeding
desperate for touch
and breath in foundations
giving birth on the ceiling
stuck in the cream
I'll scream out your name

I dream of your fingers inside me
fucking me slow and bent at an angle
soothing my loneliness I beg and burden
I want to be yours
I cry as we tangle

I'll break your legs if I have to
the void in me shrieking to trap you
interlocked digits of you are divine
solitude flowers I'm praying for rapture

we tear off the night back desperate
I strip my skin like a dress
giving you my beating breasts
the wolves circle snarling
protecting my essence

verse 2
centipedes scraping crawl out
climbing on top of the ends of my arrogance
every corner she grasps
a million of wasps
lays eggs in my terror I cherish

I need to be hers
but I'm needles
I'm freezing
in moments
and pinning on closeness
it's eco
it's fragile
I doubt she
can heal me
the bridges
I burn come without her

love is allergic I'm swelling
her blood is the distance
the difference compelling
where have I been before now?
I'm so frightened wolf in the weeds
of the mouth before skeletons
she is so patient with cracking my ribs
grabbing for atrial ends to the center
I sacrifice memories made from my happiness
chase to the empty that lies at my pleasure
I run to the water's reflection
immerse my empty infection
cursing my beauty and stare
get lost till I starve
and wish for my death sentence

you're so good
at starving
grab the ghost
she can't wait to hold you
after us
but you push and scar her
till she's gone
don't you dare forgive us
after all
Track Name: Summation / Fluster

Sharp scents
dust eyes
suicidal weapon in the trenches

I died as sleeping beauty
but woke as an open chest

fill the abandoned with a plot of land
that no man should ever handle
the stitches made of universal strands
that I've commanded

I dream of falling apart so the dreamers can cannibalize what was once peaceful
while our people die in the streets
I find my self worth in a garbage fire
filled with priceless paintings
the wealthy beg for Mercy and mercy she ain't complaining

but if you think I wanted to salvage something, fuck me

I'm as void as uranium atoms
depleted in with empty space

fuck my short attention span
pink stretchers line as letters

Adderall on the collars
bupropion broken etches

I want to die in surgery and the sacrifice is so vibrant
that the wealthy throw up blood and
their lives are soaked in violence
that each of my teeth falling
like buildings stretched in the climate
decays its own ecosystem
and stuffs their bodies with ivory

will he accept it? what if I don't believe in the hands carving?
does my value decrease as I leave my love starved?

all the medication pumped in me
the city screams as a riot
the truth is I don't want to see it
and I don't wanna survive it
but every moment is disappointing
and every second here is a failure
why would I speak in tongues
when the mouth itself presents danger

I find myself cut out like a liar on a deal that wasnt happening
but the bullets were confused and came back out my chest cavity
and angels weren't just heaven
but invested in our evidence
of self and soaked in arrogance
fate was twin eleven's
my eyes were drenched in mercury
that Saturn hadn't captured
the streets were kissed with more than apathy and broken glasses

and every school girl that was once me
with visages on the pavement
peeled it off and shook the asphalt
gravely and spit their names
across the who's who
who would dare to cross them
think nature wouldn't flame them?
they unite in the endless void
and devour the cowardly nations

blasphemy was a landmass
but in itself was just a fraction
the beginning of a worshiprr
transcendent in self and action
that didn't want your filthy empires
your seventh generations
the well spoken vampires
or faiths that better raped us
your rational speak colonialists
sitting trashed and shouting blame
while the fascists try to light a cigarette
on bodies of the nameless

sold and branded by their capitalism
better dead than bought off base
cancer attached glial cells
and bathed in radiation
just remember that I'm coming for you
and baby I ain't no savior
I tasted my last disappointment
and dealt with eating failure

when the sun eclipses on you
and you decay in every statement
you had a chance to save yourself
but you'll rot empty in her basement


verse 1

I wanted a love song but instead I got choked to death by a transphobe/his argument of hands gripped on my throat
I died near a set of trees I ran through in the woods

more than a part of me cracked there/ swarming flies lick their fingers around a designer of fear/waiting in the thick of a thought I hear a wolf hungry/ feeding off of doubt and his voice it speaks subtly

why would anyone love you?
your just sexual currency fetishism
for men atoning for sins that are better
than / sexual pleasure successful/ slights lend their attention near you/
an honor eventually sentences you/

broken teeth on the metal/ I'd let your tranny ass die and nobody would catch me/ even if they come look/ ain't nobody gonna miss you/ you're just a fuck now/ if you're dead it's no issue

I wanted a rainstorm/ in its place I got correctively raped just to fake I was "normal"/ She wanted proof that I was manly/ The girl in me screamed at the touch and the terror besat me

I wanted a clear mind/ every time I see mirror I lose sense of perception depression/
can't tell if I've ever consented/ it's messed up/
I want a bridge and bottle of medicine

sometimes I'm desperate to end it
the voice of doubt talking louder and louder my thoughts drowned and they flounder/ my face numb from the powder I feel empowered put the gun in my mouth pull the trigger I'm out of here

I'm so fucking beautiful x4

surgery is transcendence
pop like a balloon a mess
childhood room regression
memories are a weapon
there's seconds here in between us
my lovers of death and presence
sexual anesthetic
mating dance to impress it

laughing like a hyena
transforming of my experience
I've never really connected here
calling foul on my instance

she wants to pry off my limits
suck on my filthy digits
peddle me in the dirt
and the blood is my new religion

and i'mma let it come fuck me
winding up as a lullaby

fuck if I ever sleep again
sandman tucks in my bloody

orgasmic atomic bombs
breaking up several continents
drowning in my environment
wet like a high class prostitute

own my body in wholesale
the first of collected pennies
and i'mma let you spend it
but my bones are owed to the centuries

ripe for a staircase orgy
of money hungry infections
I'm shaking now on the handle
barely holding my breath

savings accounts I'm coming
and saving accounts of evil

way I've made intricate pieces
of Ponzi schemers and thieves

I brush on the window broken
cut myself for the pleasure
wrist is candy coated
lick drips off the open tendon
I bare my praying mantis
Goddexx guide me to discord
love that would make me do it
I know forever that I'm yours

they wanted us
to look away
while we were burned for our love
Track Name: Queer Rage / OVERDOSE
Queer Rage

What the fuck does it matter?
I'm torn apart in the fabric
Dying in a void
While my family sits passive
A nation underneath the bass in their boot steps
Crushing under throat of the dream we once kept
My heart's up for sale
My soul is the bitter acreage
You can kill my happiness
Bury it in the basement
I promise it'll only come back up to haunt you
In elections/in your president
Daddy's potential Oedipus

A new sport
We played in your blood currency
In this economy
We're just laying your rich surgeons
And even they can't cut out the cancer your made from
So we burn it out and just make some napalm
Like you had spread over the people of Vietnam
Where do you think we get our violent ideas from?

And here you are soon to be product of all our violence
What is it you wanna say on behalf of your piousness?
If it's begging for your life
Don't bother us we've heard it
In every person tortured, imprisoned and each murder
Your lack of mercy is all of the evidence that we need
We didn't come to fix you
Just making sure that you bleed

They say it's never too late
And to never say never
But I'm never gonna be happy
Unless I'm picking your feathers
Out that greedy white carcass
The pearls on your pink stretchers
Burning down the hospital
Serving you rich lechers

And don't think
I'm gonna be kind to your nurses either
Cause Daddy doesn't know best
And mommy doesn't want features
And doesn't want tv
And doesn't want to fix her marriage
She doesn't want the relationship
Or any of the embarrassment

And to be perfectly honest
She's feeling a bit cold
In frozen bank accounts
And predatorial loans

Against her siblings
Mainly queer people of color
Profiting from their struggles
Enslaving and killing others

She thinks divorce
Might not even be a viable option
And frankly all her lawyers
Are dead in a fresh coffin so..

I guess she's gonna have to
Talk to you directly
I'm gonna cut you out
And don't bother to re infect me
Cause if it comes to it
I'll end myself to protect people
They've suffered more than
Their fair share and I can't respect evil

I've survived worse and I know that you have to
But watching you Poison them is more than I can sit through


you think you're hated girl?
I'm hunted by nations girl
( hunt you?)
I'm wanted by millions that think their savior wants me forsaken girl
(But he loves you)

The want me stake bound
and cuddled up next to friends that died without me
(So dramatic)
they need me complacent girl
(You know they don't)
they're losing their patience girl
(I doubt it)

I'm covered in paint chips
and Snowflakes that I've been subsisting off of
( like That's better)
winter's coming and so am I
I fuck myself on turned up volume
(we're all watching)

fate smashes my nose in girl
(it's only fair)
my bones pop in-between her pearls
earthquake when I draw her L's
time stutters from my tongue here girl

shiver with me
slither away
read love notes in the ash
from our buried friends

my pronouns are: kill me please
(like Everyone one else)
my friends aren't as dead as I thought
(get over it)
they pull stock markets down
Nasdaq where my panties fall
(well look at you)

I suck on the Dow Jones
I cup it gently and deepthroat that lozenge
the Amazon gets deforested
Apple gets a bit more rotten
(can we just talk about this?)

Nike sits in the corner
scared and jacks off slow behind us
I sew it's face in the carpet
and free them kids in china
(fucking hypocrite)

with half a face It tries to warn
the parties invested standard
poor attempts my orgy gets
larger than my breasts in mansions
(can I touch them?)

you might have thought pay meant money
(you don't want this)
or that power meant control of me
but pay here means your control inflates you while your seams start busting

and trust me I'm so hungry
crystal desert vultures love me
(stop what you're doing)
they tunnel out through my throat
black sand on their feathers dusty

You'll find me in pieces girl
covered in leeches girl
(you can't do this!)
meat on my lips and cackling
I taste like peaches girl